Celebrating Motherhood

This past Mother’s Day, I had the honour of photographing lots of beautiful mum’s with their beloved babies - babies both big and small. I just love that these mummas see the value in both themselves and the relationship they have with their children enough to have it documented for posterity. Motherhood is hard. As my own mother once told me, “it’s going to be the hardest job you’ll ever have - but also the most rewarding.'' Some days we feel like we’ve got it all together, but often times it’s a struggle, it’s lonely and frustrating. And every day of the journey should be celebrated. Because the good days are only possible because we’ve showed up to the hard days, and kept on going. All for them. All for our babies. As mums we often say our children are a gift, but we need to realise we are also a gift to them. Let’s celebrate motherhood and the gift we are to each other.